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October 04 2013


A Whore Is A Whore Indeed. [prost] [group] [fmf]

As a dancer at a strip club in a big city you see and hear some crazy things, so when I heard there was a woman who had been hanging out in our parking lot, getting into cars with our customers and blowing them for money, it didn't seem too out of the ordinary. Even though it was definitely not good for business. We had heard she was a really goodlooking little blonde woman and if anyone of us heard or saw anything we were supposed to get management or security and get her off the property.

I Finished Off One Of The Guys In My Mouth And Then Got Up To Wash Off And Go Look For Carla.

It was kindof a slow night at work, a few months ago, my shift got cut short cause there wasn't that many guys there to dance for. After I got changed I was walking out of work on my way to the bus stop when I saw a car in the parking lot bouncing around. I figured it might be that woman we were all warned about so I passed by the truck to see if I could see anything. Sure enough there was a blonde woman, topless, on her naked nude pussy knees in the back of this truck sucking some chubby late-middle aged guys cock. I thought maybe they were a couple just looking for a spot to play in, but when I knocked on the window they seperated quick and started getting dressed.The blonde woman got out of the truck, she was about 5'6" kindof petite with green eyes and a great body. She had a wedding ring on but it was obvious she wasn't married to that guy in the truck who was now pulling out of the parking lot as fast as he could. I told the blonde woman that I was sorry to spoil her fun but with her out in the parking lot taking dick all night we weren't able to keep guys in the club. She apologized and said she didn't mean to make things harder for us, she hot aussie girls just needed time to get away from her home life and be a little slutty.Her name was Carla, and she told me that for her it wasn't even about the money, she just really got off on being a total whore for random guys. We were starting to get along and Carla even offered me a ride home that night. I told her I had been living out of hotel room after hotel room for a while now. Stripping at nights, being a call girl during the day and nights when I wasn't at the club. Carla was full of questions, she wanted to know all about my life.We kept getting together for drinks every now and then and Carla was always curious. I told her all about the ups and downs of being a dancer and a call girl. Carla was so interested and one night when we were getting a little bit drunk she told me how badly she wanted to try doing what i do, instead of just picking up random guys in bars and outside clubs and playing with them in their cars. I asked her if she was sure this was something she wanted, what about her husband? Carla said her husband didn't need to know anything about any of this. She was just doing her part to bring in extra money and doing something she loves in the process.A week later I took Carla with me to her first "real" escort job. It was a regular client of mine who was always asking me about bringing another girl in with me. When Carla and I pulled up outside of the motel I could tell she was nervous. There was no bar at this trashy little motel but I had a pint of whisky with me just for such an occasion. Carla and I took a few swigs and now feeling much more confidant and horny, we went up to the motel room door and "Jerry" let us in.Jerry was in his early 50's, a little out of shape, balding, married, not very goodlooking but he was very well hung and had lots of cash to spare. Jerry doesn't like to waste time, almost as soon as we got into the room he tossed me some cash and pulled his dick out and started stroking himself. He sat down on the edge of the bed and I got down on my knees in front of him. Carla was just standing over by the door, wearing her little black skirt and white cami, thigh highs and high heels. She seemed a little nervous about it at first but after I told her to come over and get comfy she started taking her top off and then got on the bed next to Jerry.I had as much of Jerry's cock down my throat as I could manage, and I can manage a lot, Carla was laying on the bed as Jerry stroked and played with her tits. I could tell Carla was starting to get comfortable with it because she was moaning a bit as Jerry took her tits in his mouth. I had told Carla all of my ground rules for clients, no kissing on the mouth, always use protection, make sure you're safe. I told her those were my rules but she could do as she pleased. She seemed to be off and running because she was making out with Jerry pretty hard almost immediately. I could hear their tongues rubbing around together as Jerry started thrusting himself down my throat.Jerry said it was Carla's turn and she slid his cock between her lips and down her throat quickly. She was really a pro, she deepthroated Jerry's massive cock and made a big show about it. Moaning and touching herself as Jerry held her head down on his dick. Jerry fucked the both of us, hard and long, I felt like it was slightly obvious that I was acting a bit, but Carla was really into it. She told me later that it was one of the hottest things she had ever done. She really loved taking dick from a stranger and she really was gifted at licking pussy. She made me cum very hard with her tongue pressed up against my clit. Jerry loves to cum in girl's mouths and have them swallow it. Carla was more than game for that, she stroked him off into her mouth and played with it with her tongue for a little before swallowing it.After we were all dressed and on our way back to my room Carla told me that she had never had more fun and couldn't wait to do it again. When I gave her her cut of the money she was even happier, Jerry is very appreciative of good work. Carla wanted to work more jobs with me, started asking about how to build up clients. I told her the way I did it at the club. Meeting guys there and then offering them a little release after hours or the next afternoon on their lunch breaks. She told me she couldn't spare enough time to be a dancer but she really loved being such a slut. We kept getting drinks together from time to time and Carla would tell me about the guys she would pick up at bars, department stores, even gas stations. It seemed like she was born to be a whore.A few weeks ago I got offered a gig dancing for a private bachelor party and decided to bring Carla in on it. She was so excited about it and even got a new outfit for the gig. She looked exceptionally slutty in her thigh highs, lacy panties, bra, and corset. When we got to the hotel suite the bachelor party was going on in we were both surprised. There were at least 20 guys there and only Carla and I for entertainment. We set up everything we needed for our dances and got to work. The groom was a dirty sleeze, he kept trying to slide his fingers into my ass when I was giving him a lap dance. Carla and I were both taking shots and getting kindof drunk which I don't normally do during a gig, but sometimes you just gotta let loose. As the night went on and we got more drunk and everyone got out of control, we started getting some offers from the guys at the party. A job is a job, so I was sucking dick in the bathroom of the suite for this guy and his friend. Other guys started coming into the bathroom and I really shouldn't have been drinking because I was starting to lose track of who was in my mouth and who had paid and who hadn't. I must have lost track of time because I was getting covered in cum and definitely hadn't been paid by all those guys. I finished off one of the guys in my mouth and then got up to wash off and go look for Carla.When I found Carla she was in the main room of the suite with a circle of guys around her. It looked like her clothes had been ripped off because they were in shreds around her on the floor. She was absolutely naked with a guy in her pussy, another in her ass, and yet another in her mouth. her hands were busy working the bystanders waiting their turn in her. She had cum all over her back and ass, her hair was covered with it. She was moaning and yelling as much as she could but you could tell she was really enjoying it.I made a lap around the room and collected some cash and then started completely undressing to join Carla in her fun. It didn't even take a minute before the rest of the guys were swarming around me too. The guy I recognized as the groom told me that he had already had my friend but now he was ready to unload in my asshole. It wasn't long at all before I had as many guys inside me as Carla did. I was a bit intoxicated but I really think that Carla and I both fucked every guy at that party that night.Carla and I both abandoned the "rules" and we were letting guys cum inside of us bareback. We were there for hours, taking load after load. When we were done we both looked like we had just gotten out of the shower, our hair was drenched with cum and our faces, chests, backs, asses, pussies and legs were no different. We showered there and went down to the hotel bar to have a drink and relax before heading back home. Carla told me that she had never had more fun. She said she truly loved being a whore and couldn't wait to be gangbanged again. I felt compelled to ask her how she felt about being married but still taking about 20 loads of cum inside her tonight. Carla told me she didn't care, she just wanted to be a whore. She slipped the bartender her phone number and then Carla took me back to my room.I've got another private party lined up for next weekend and Carla the married cockslut will definitely be coming with me.

September 29 2013


Miss Goody-goody Gives In To Passion (mf)

Goig off to college was eye-awakening, besides to freedom and the responsibility, there was the class workload, and of course beautiful coeds everywhere. I had a GF from high school, but she went to a different college I we both knew we each would have 'experiences'.I met Sandra the first day at registration, we had free naked galleries to stand in line for hours and she was in front of me, so we had a lot of chance to talk. She was local and was going to commute to classes, I was living in the dorm. Sandra was very attractive, almost as tall as i was at 6', and from the conversation it seemed unlikely she had a BF and probably a virgin. She attended a religious high school and she loved every minute of it.After a few weeks, I was dating 3 or 4 girls at different times, but was most attracted to Sandra, even through I was having sex with 2 of the others, and Sandra made it clear that sex was for married people. But she was the smartest, best looking and with her sense of humor we clicked.One night at a fraternity party, Sandra loosened up and had a few beers, we found a dark place to sit and had our first serious make out session, she was very aggressive about kisssing I started squeezing her clothed boobs, she whispered, "that feels good, but if you go any further I will walk away". So I made the best of it, squeezing and teasing her nipples through her thin shirt and bra, until she was panting. I tried to go further, but was rebuffed each itme.The next day I expected her to be a little embarrassed, even through sexual contact was minimum, but no, she bubbled with how much fun it was. I asked her if I could ask her a personal question, she gave me a look and asked "what is it?""Have you ever masturbated or touched yourself at all?"She shook her head, obviously embarrassed."Doesn't this great intellectual curiousity you have extend to your own body? I'm glad you enjoyed last night, but I think if you would have put your hand on my lap, you would have seen how much I enjoyed it too."She said, "I'll think bout it, thank you for being a sweetie".The next Friday night there were more rush parties and I asked Sandra to go with me. She wore a sexily stunning dress and guys were flirting with her constantly. But after a couple of hours she was buzzing on beer and we we dancing close and kissing, she whispered that she wanted to go take a walk. A walk means go to this dark area with lots of trees and naked girl naked girl benches where couples go to make out.We find a good spot and start making out, my hands are all over her boobs, I'm not giving up gained ground, and soon Sandra is rubbing my hard cock through my jeans. She whispered "I completed the homework assignment you gave me, but I might need some tutoring".With that she takes my hand, puts it under her dress, as I go up higher, teasing as I do, I find that she has no panties, which was very daring considering how short her dress was and all the dancing. Sandra is rubbing me on my jeans and moaning loudly was I explore her labia, her clit and slide a finger inside her. All I hear from Sandra is "don't stop".A few seconds of caressing her clit while I move my fingers in her pussy and she has an obvious orgasm. I find out later it was about her 10th since she started having them this week.She moans, "I want to do this for you." Unfortunately the ground rulesof the area are making out and petting, OK, actual exposure might get the campus cops out.

She Whispered "i Completed The Homework Assignment You Gave Me, But I Might Need Some Tutoring".

"We can go back to my dorm room, roommate is gone."On the walk to the dorm Sandra says "I'm afraid once I see you, I'll want you inside of me, I'm not ready to do that yet."I calm her down, there are lots of things me can do until you're ready. We get to the room and thankfully it is empty. We stand there and kiss for a few minutes and I whisper, "I want to see you naked, I've been dreaming of it".So we undress each other, I unsnap her bra so when i lift her dress over her head she is suddenly completely naked in front of me. An awe inspiring site indeed. I slide off my underwear and Sandra says "Im embarrassed, no one has seen me like this, she hugs me to hide herself against me. The skin on skin feels delicious, she opens up our hips, my cock is pressed against her belly, she moves it between her legs and lets it slide, not in, but against her labia and clit.She is going at it like that, "I hope this feels as good for you as it does for me." It does. After a few minutes she has an obvious orgasm just rubbing herself against me.She stop and sits on the bed holding my cock, she ways "when you have an orgasm the semen shoots out, I want t see that."Oral wasn't as excepted those days (Pre-Lewinsky) so I hand her a tube of lube from the drawer. I lay down and she straddles me and it doesn't take many stokes from the beautiful naked Amazon to make me cum. Sandra is delighted with her new found skill and power.We do her again and I promise to get some condoms for tomorrow. I did, and launched Sandra and her sexual life the next night. I had sex with 2 other virgins, at least they said they were, and it took a while before they were enjoying it. Sandra was multiorgasmic from the first time on.We hung around together for a few more month, but we dated other people and drifted apart. I'd see her on campus but it wasn't until we were both seniors that we had sex again. She was literally a sex goddess, tall, beautiful, very sexual, valedictorian. I lost track of her after graduation, but I'm sure she made some man very happy.

September 26 2013


[mm]ore Tales Of Man-on-man Action

Remember when you first figured out jerking off?The very, very first time you did it, and you came, and it was terrifying, and awesome, and exhausting, and you felt guilty, and strange, and like you should be telling somebody, or confessing, or never, ever doing it again?And then, like, twenty minutes later, you did it again.Within a couple weeks, you're jerking it all the time, every chance you get, slipping off to do it again. It's like you got a letter to Hogwarts and all of a sudden you can perform a magic trick and got admittance into a whole world you didn't know was possible.Fucking Paul was a lot like that. Every chance we got there was another opportunity to fool around. Sitting around, watching TV? Why not suck each other's dicks? Looking at porn at three a.m.? Why not see if Paul's awake over at his place?It really was a whole new world. When I wasn't having sex with Paul, I was thinking about it, and probably jerking off.So when the Halloween party came around, I decided to do something special.A few stories back, I mentioned how I knew Paul would be into this sort of thing- when we were roommates, I'd looked through his computer and found a whole bunch of porn. There was plenty of standard stuff... and there was a little bit of gay porn... but there was a huge, absolutely huge, folder of transsexual, cross-dresser, and shemale porn.Paul liked "traps."Now, I'm by no means a gay-acting guy. I like my beer cold, my football loud, my movies full of tits and explosions. I was rocking a pretty full beard for most of these stories, too.But underneath all that, I had a face that some people would probably, under the right circumstances, describe as more "pretty" than handsome. Big eyes, high cheekbones, full lips. I was pretty sure, if I put my mind to it, that I could make a pretty convincing girl.Just for the Halloween party, of course. As a laugh. If anybody asked why I was going so all-out with it, I'd just say, "If you're going to do something, do it right."Some of this involved on-line shopping- stuff like fake-boob cutlets, for example, were not something I was gonna find in a naked australian women store, let alone be caught buying.I had no idea about my sizes for things, though, so I took a late-night trip to a 24-hour Wal-Mart two towns over to go shopping through the girls' clothing section. I got most of an outfit on in the dressing rooms, including a thong.

Once I Knew My Underwear Size, Though, I Didn't Cheap Out: I Went Online And Bought The Stuff From Victoria's Secret.

Seriously, cross-dressing isn't my thing- I was never interested in it before, and it's not a regular part of my repertoire. But ripping the tags off that underwear so I could try it on, knowing how bad I was being, imagining how turned on Paul would get when he saw me like this......and that's how I ended up jerking off in a Wal-Mart changing room in the middle of the night. It was one of the fastest, best orgasms I ever had.Once I knew my underwear size, though, I didn't cheap out: I went online and bought the stuff from Victoria's Secret.I bought a giant-sized tub of hair remover for my legs, because I wasn't so dumb as to think I WOULDN'T cut the everloving shit out of my legs if I tried shaving them. It took awhile to figure out, but once I got it right, I spent a lot of time rubbing my legs together while I touched myself.Paul was busy doing shit for this Halloween party, as well as some other, boring real-life shit, so I didn't see him for a week or so leading up to it, which was perfect for my plan.So, the outfit:I decided to go the "hot tomboy" route, because whenever cross-dressers try to go full glam, it ends up looking so fake and overdone that it's obvious they're really dudes.So I bought a pair of pink, low-top Converse shoes, and put them on without socks, and then, over my Victoria's Secret panties, I wore a denim skirt of what I thought was a sexy, not-too-short length. It was a low-rise skirt though, so my hip-bones were poking out of the top.Up next, I'd found a smallish white t-shirt with the logo of my college on the front, one that almost, but not quite, exposed my bellybutton. it had short little sleeves and was somewhat low-cut in front, to show off the cleavage I'd willed into existence with a stuffed bra and some double-sided tape.The wig I'd found was about shoulder-length, light-brown, and very simple. It had kind of a side-swipe thing going on- sort of like a hairstyle that Jennifer Aniston would have, though I don't know if she ever actually did.I'm proud of what I did with the makeup though- thanks to YouTube training videos, I put on really simple makeup, very light on things like eyeshadow, so I wouldn't look too trampy. And then I put on sparkly lip gloss to complete the look.I thought I looked extremely goddamn passable.The biggest problem was how turned on I was. It seemed like every time my legs brushed together, or I caught a look at myself in the mirror, or I looked down at my own cleavage, I'd get a rock-hard erection again.I was supposed to help Paul set up some stuff before the party (which probably meant that Paul wanted a blowjob before the party) so I was on my way over like, two hours before people were supposed to show up.He opened the door in a half-assed Dracula cape and one of those tuxedo t-shirts."Um, yes?" He asked, and then, as he recognized me, his eyes widened."Surprise," I said, and then he was on me, kissing me, running his hand up my leg, grinding on me there in the hallway.We moved to the bedroom, where he threw me on the bed, and then, reaching up inside my skirt, pulled off my panties. Then he stuck his face up there and started licking my asshole like a pussy.This was, to that point, the hottest moment of my life. Soon, I felt the cold squirt of lubricant on my asshole, and I was accepting his cock into me again."Oh, thatta girl," Paul was saying, "You sexy bitch you, you like that? You like it when I fuck you?"He came fast, but so did I, clamping my hand over the end of my cock so I wouldn't get any cum on my costume.Wriggling back into my panties, I smiled naughtily at him."Fuck, you're hot," he said."I bet you say that to all the girls," I said back.

September 02 2013


Getting Her Off. First Post M/f

So I'm a just recently divorced man and haven't been searching for any sort of partnerships and this was the first girl I have been with considering that it was around with my spouse.I came to be good friends with this woman I work with, ya Ive heard it ..."do not dip your pencil in company ink." She is very desirable 20 sonething year old. She is about 5'8" med length blonde hair really skinny with a wonderful butt and nice brand new fake D tits. I observed her oftens at work. She is truly hot and everyone notices her.Quick forward a little bit ... we had been talking for awhile pussies nude with texts, and we hung out a couple times at her property. Once I remained the evening because she really felt comfortable with me around and she didn't want me to leave. I didn't make any type of steps and I obtained the hint that she was possibly trying to find some activity. We rested on the couch her in a sporting activities bra and panties while I try to keep my boner concealed under my blanket. Once again nothing happened this night simply turned in and that's all.A couple days later on she welcomes me for a swim at her apartment building. I look at and bring some beers without any objective of swimming. Oh Jesus did she look incredible in that skimpy swimwear. She's all tattooed up also which likewise transforms me on. After awhile we head back to her apartment and she starts food preparation in her string bikini, I make some jokes and we have a laugh. After we consume I go out on the patio to smoke, and when I come back in she is in the shower with the door broad open so she can hear me yet I took that as a welcome. So I enter a rest on the counter kinda making additional jokes. I finally joke that I'm gonna can be found in and she of course states ya right. So I peel the drape back and take a peek, she laughes. She has the hottest body I've ever before seen. Seeing the water run down her tight ass and the. She turns around to reveal me the front, remarkable tits, I believe Michelangelo would have cried at the view them. Bee fucking utiful! So she points out "ya I understood you would not get inside" so I drop my shorts and pitch in.At this factor I'm thinking WTF am I finishing below. She has her back to me and what does any sort of grown up man finish that scenario? You got that right! I smacked her butt! Haha stupid step! She reverses and declines to look down. I'm concentrated on her tits, so I just grab her and pull her close. Her eyes start browsing like WTF is taking place. So I launch. She turns back around towards the water and she states this could make job unpleasant and I informed her that its past that factor.She reverses around and is about to state something. Prior to she could begin what she claims I grab her face with both hands and pull her to me and begin kissing her. Among those passionate film kisses. She pulls away and points out "say thanks to fucking god you did that" we get back into kissing I move a by far to her butt and press. She reverses and presses her ass in to my difficult dick. I start focus on her neck and get to a hand around her front and move towards her pussy. She says, "you are problem" and I say, "yes I am" right as I begin having fun with her clit.At times I simply get pleasure from getting a woman off. So this was gonna be one of those nights. She has told me prior to that she isn't really into sexual activity and all that. Now I'm respectable a fucking and I understand exactly what I'm doing and I'm not small. Buuuuut I'm truly great with my fingers and tongue as well. So I just intend to get her off.

Now We Have Had Some Discussions Before And They Were Very Sex-related And She Never Informed Me She Squirted.

We move to her bed, where I set her on her back. I'm kissing her all over. I lick and suck on her nipple areas and kiss down her tummy and get to her reduced pelvis. I raise her upper hands and kiss on her inner upper leg. I get down right to the side of her snatch lips and afterwards move to her other leg and do the exact same thing. She is fucking loosing it haha. I'm aggravating her so bad. I'm right there just sooo close! Haha.Game time. I give her clit a little lick and seek out at her. I lower on her clit with my tongue and I can feel her clit get hard. I after that continue to visit town. She's groaning alot, I obtain her so close and them I stop and ask her if she's ok. Haha I know she is but I such as to tease. Well she's soaking fucking moist and it isn't really from my spit. Time to obtain her off. This is where I utilize my trickery. So I stick my fingers in and strike her place. She is groaning louder and louder body relocating around. I could tell she is gonna go any kind of second so I drive her button. I could feel her cumming and I press once again. She starts squirting and she is fucking the spunk out of my hand.Now we have had some discussions before and they were very sex-related and she never informed me she squirted. So I was shocked. "You didn't inform me you squirted!" She had a WTF view her face. "I squirted?" So I told her yup you certain did. She didn't believe me so she relocated and I revealed her the saturating damp sheets. She was in shock. Obviously she's never ever done that. She inquired about if I could do it again and reveal her how. I informed her ok but this time it will certainly australian naked women be fast. So five secs later she's spraying and basically confiscating from the fast orgasm. It goes without saying she loves it and i fucking passion making her do it

August 31 2013


[M] [F] Roadway Go to Hana

My girlfriend Lesley and I have been with each other for approximately seven years. She has a professional dancer's build and has spectacular blue eyes with blonde hair. We have naked pics for free had an amazing sex life over those years and have checked out each others physical bodies in what feels like every method feasible. One of the hottest times we ever fucked was in Maui.Maui is an isle in Hawaii that has actually a well known tourist drive called the Roadway to Hana. It's a numerous mile drive with a gorgeous rich jungle with waterfalls, unique coastlines, and beautiful views along the road. Lesley and I took a dirtier method to the Road to Hana.

Lesley Brushed And Drew My Cock For A Countless Mile Of Curvilinear Roadways Before I Couldn't Take At All.

With me steering our rental automobile a couple of miles in to our trek, Lesley suggested we play a game. Kind of like switching movie titles into porn titles (e.g.: In Diana Jones and the Temple of Poon) she suggested we happen and things to do in Hawaii and turn them in to adult porn titles."Halona Impact(work) Gap"."Diamond (Give me Head)".As we traded them backward and forward, Lesley smirked with a devilish smile and reached over to feel my cock obtaining harder through my boardshorts. Quickly I developed the trick to our entire adventure, "Roadway Browse through Hana.".Lesley flashed a grin in satisfaction that I developed such an excellent response. Her response was to quit rubbing me and pull my challenging participant from my shorts. She immediately covered her beautiful lips around my cock. I quickly felt like I was about to rupture. She continued to tease me with her tongue on the head of my cock for a couple of winding turns prior to moving her turn over. Lesley masterfully brushed me up and down as she bobbed her head from the pointer of my cock down.Lesley brushed and drew my cock for a countless mile of curvilinear roadways before I couldn't take at all. I required us to quit so I might be inside of her. I located a pullover location that nothing else auto was quit at - there was a chain crossing a gate to go further. Lesley and I quit and promptly got out of the vehicle with one thing on our thoughts.We ventured a couple of mins up a woodland course till we got to a clearing. It was entirely vacant apart from a stream bubbling to the side of us. As soon as we understood we were alone, Lesley moaned my label and hidden her mouth in to my neck, drawing and biting. I groaned Lesley's name back at her and detached her best like a pet. She responded by pulling my shirt off me.I was so rock hard presently that it was simply noticeable via my shorts. Lesley remained to kiss and pled for me to draw her nipples. I gladly obliged as she groaned in delight. Soon, neither of us can wait any type of longer. I pulled down Lesley's shorts and underwears and tossed them off in to the bushes. She slid my shorts off and did the same as she stroked my cock.Then the rain came. Among the beauties of being in a jungle is the unforeseen rain - and it started to put. We were fortunate that we had already stripped naked, but we just weren't going to let that good fortune go to squander. Any kind of pretense of sexual activity was gone. Lesley delved into my arms and covered her legs around my waist. I slid my challenging cock in to her saturating wet pussy and began fucking.I battered Lesley's pussy as I held her in my arms with her legs wrapped around me. We passionately fucked, groaning and screaming each others names as the rainfall poured down on us.After what looked like a limitless time of totally railing against each others bodies, I informed Lesley to get on her knees. She stoop on the floor as I came all over her stunning tits.Incredibly, the rain let up equally my load finished covering Lesley. We held each various other for a long while, chuckling and grinning about our fun before heading back to the rental auto.Once we got involved in the rental automobile, Lesley, covered in my orgasm, grinned and stated just how she became aware of a bare seaside that may be worth checking out.

August 28 2013


{Adventures with Jess - 3} Bec: Leaving

NIGHTS OUT: 10BECIt had been a week since the ball and I hadn't really been around much. I would love to claim it was because I was busy but, well, I was actually hiding from everyone.After the night of disappointment had done some thinking and started worrying deep down that I had overstepped some bounds and was reassessing myself again. To be honest it was all a bit of a blur and I was struggling to remember what I actually did, it seemed like the more time that passed the less I remembered pic of women nude about the night.To make matters worse I kept analysing everything I could remember at the minute detail which ended up adding details I couldn't fully remember if actually happened and adding that to the list running through my mind over and over again sending me into a deeper spiral. I went from feeling up beat about the whole night the morning after to a moody depressed mess now and I couldn't work out why.I had hoped after the game of Trouble Deck that I would change my life, but that hadn't happened like I hoped at all, I just seemed to be repeating mistakes made in the past. Sure, I didn?t fall in love with this one, but I didn't really assess him in the process leading up to me deciding he was going to come home with me at all.As I thought about things I just felt like I had embarrassed myself and was ashamed of my actions. Rob and Jess didn't need to have me walk in on them and play with them after the ball.I was worried I had taken things too far and I didn?t want to see them as I knew they would say I had.I still remember being in his room naked, pulling up his kilt looking down at his hard cock before leaning in to grab it, and stroking it hard. Feeling it pulse and throb in my hand as I played with it.Another reason I was hiding was the feelings I was having about women, particularly Erica. My erotic daydreams had made me nervous every time I saw her. Since coming to grips with there being nothing wrong with being with a woman after my night with Rob and Jess, the dreams about Erica had put me in a spin. How was I going to survive with we being my friend if all I thought about was having sex with her, particularly as she was extremely happy with Justin and nothing at all suggested to me she was into women.I sat in my room late in the afternoon, still in my pyjamas, staring at the wall feeling depressed and sighed. I hadn't had a sexual release since my dream with Erica, I hadn't felt like it. My daydreams had stopped, my toys were packed away and my thongs were hidden somewhere so I wouldn't pull them out and be reminded of my stupidity.My time was spent mostly reading Brian's journals again.I missed him. He hadn't been around at all since the ball and I hoped he was ok.He would know what to do.I turned in my chair and stared out the window at the cars going past there was an IM ping on my computer from Jess. I stared at her flashing name before reading it. We had barely spoken since the ball and I hoped that she wasn't asking if I was ok or wanting to chat about everything. I don?t think I could handle it.I sighed again before opening it.I relaxed when I saw it wasn't anything bad, in fact she was saying everyone was going out that night and it would be great if I came.I looked out the window again and decided if I wanted to go just as something inside me told me to get over myself. I really was feeling sorry for myself. For all I knew Rob and Jess had a great night after the ball and everything was in my head.I took a deep breath and decided that tonight I was going to go out and have a good night. I was sick of feeling sorry for myself. I needed to feel something other than shitty.I spun around in my chair and looked at the cupboard working out what to wear. Do I go conservative as I wasn't out to impress anyone or go all in and go not caring crazy as I wasn't trying to impress anyone.Fuck it, not caring crazy it was.I went over to my wardrobe and slipped off my top throwing on a singlet top before searching around deep in the wardrobe and pulling out a pair of denim shorts and smiling. Perfect. I pulled my pyjama pants off and stood at the cupboard naked from the waist down before looking in my cupboard for some underwear.Shit. I was all out. I looked at the pile of clothes that needed to be done but I had been avoiding doing. I sighed realising all my underwear was dirty. For a split second I thought about finding a cleanish pair in there but thought I had better not.I sighed and remembered about some clean underwear I had. For some reason it was not on the top of my list of things to wear, but as it was clean it would have to do. I sifted through my wardrobe and up the back felt what I was looking for and pulled out a black thong.I put it with my pants on the floor. It needed something else.I dove back into my wardrobe coming out with a pair of fishnet stockings. Perfect. If I was going to go crazy, what better way to do it.I pulled up the thong and carefully pulled up the fish net stockings, making sure I didn't get caught in the large squares. Finally I pulled on the shorts and looked at myself in the mirror and smiled as I saw how sexy my ass looked.Not caring crazy perfect.I looked at the time seeing it was dinner and ran to the dining hall to eat before we went out. I avoided sitting with anyone at dinner and ducked out before I saw Rob, Jess or Erica and went back to my room to try to pep myself up for the night, reassuring myself it was all in my head.When it was time to go I left it to the last minute to leave my room to go meet up with everyone outside the dining hall waiting to leave. I saw Rob and Jess standing in the large crowed waiting for everyone to arrive. I had hoped to mingle in the crowed, however they saw me and Jess gave me a wave.Shit. Well. Here goes nothing. I thought taking a deep sigh and walking over."Hello stranger" Jess said to me with a huge warm smile on her face.Instantly I felt better. Then I felt stupid for worrying about them."Hi" I replied. "...yeah, I suppose its been a while."I blushed."You ok?" Rob asked me looking concerned. "I haven't heard from your visit after the ball and I was worried." "Yeah, sorry about that" I said quietly.He laughed."Sorry for what?" he replied. "At least you were being safe."I looked at him confused, then remembered the condoms."Yeah...well...we didn't actually...you know...he was?" I started.Rob and Jess laughed."We thought as much" he replied."Sorry about the other thing too" I said.He looked at me confused."You know?" I started. "...under the kilt."That I did remember clearly.He laughed again and kissed me on the cheek."You should have come back and joined us" he whispered in my ear.I stood there staring at him and felt like crying.All my hiding and anxiety had been in my head and I was worrying over nothing.I hugged him hard, taking him by surprise until he hugged me back and I felt warm and safe in his arms."Thankyou" I said to him."For what?" he replied confused."For everything" I replied as I gave him one last squeeze before letting him go.Jess and Rob looked at me confused and a little concerned."Are you ok Bec?" Jess asked in her gorgeous Irish accent.I smiled for the first time in weeks feeling the weight of the world lift off my shoulders."For the first time in weeks?" I replied before pausing and looking at them both. "...I think I am, in fact?"I hugged them both together."...I know I am" I said.I pulled away from them and stood in front of them suddenly feeling stupid. Then I remembered what I was wearing and laughed. I felt a little naked as well.Rob and Jess still looked a little confused but didn't push the issue. Then I looked up to see Erica come out and join the group.While I still felt a little weird about my feelings towards her, I felt better than I had as it was no longer mixed with feeling embarrassed about things with Rob and Jess.As I looked her up and down I was blown away by how gorgeous she looked. She was wearing a white blouse and a pair of tight skinny jeans which showed off her amazing ass and ran down to a pair of high heeled boots which shone in the light as she walked.She pulled a tight aussie nudes smile across her lips when she got to us, but said nothing and looked distant as we stood around waiting for everyone to arrive.

Erica Stood In My Room Looking Around As I Passed Her Some Wipes For Her Face And She Cleaned It Up.

A strange mood hung in the air around us and I saw Rob and Jess look at her concerned as well.Everyone though had arrived by that point and everyone started off. Jess, Erica, Rob and I trailed the back of the group not saying anything still.Suddenly I felt one of us missing and turned around to see Erica sitting down on a bench we had just passed with her head in her hands crying.I grabbed Rob and Jess's arms pulling them back as the others all left still and we rushed over to Erica. "I'm sorry g-guys, I didn't want to ruin your night" she started.I sat next to her pulling her close to my body and hugging her as she cried looking confused at Rob and Jess.Then she sat up and looked at us all, sniffing, before dropping a bombshell."It?s...it?s just...J-Justin and I broke up tonight" she continued before crying into my chest again. Wait what? I couldn't believe it.I pulled her close not wanting to let her go staring at her head and then at Rob and Jess as I felt her sobbing into my chest.She and Justin broke up? My heart raced and my hands became sweaty.My mind raced away with all sorts of possibilities, before I pulled it back and was able to think clearly. "Oh hun, what happened?" Jess asked her she sat down next to her on the other side and hugging into her. "He...he said...the distance was too hard on him, and he had been doing some thinking since I was gone and..." she burst out in tears. "...and...he slept with his roommate."My mind raced again. This time it was full of hatred for Justin.How could he do this?Jess sat up and looked at her and then up at Rob and I. "Worst p-part his roommate..." she cried in bog sobs catching her breath against my chest trying to get the words out. "...is a guy." My mind went blank. Jess looked shattered. Rob looked shocked."Oh hun, that?s horrible" I said wrapping my arms around her and pulling her close.My mind raced.I couldn't believe Justin would do that. Its not that he was gay or not that wasn?t the issue, sure it was a big shock but in all honesty I felt it was worse he had just gone and done it rather that talked about things with Erica first.Sure I saw the parallels with regards to my infatuation for Erica, but I certainly didn't act on them. I wasn't going to do anything with her, I didn't even suggest it to her, it wasn't right.My mind calmed down and started to digest what had happened. I sat there with her crying into my chest in great sobs.Rob went and sat next to Jess and she hugged into him as they watched Erica with big round eyes not sure of what to say. "I am ok...I think I suspected something before I left...I...I just didn't want to believe it" she said looking up, her makeup starting to run."He just left me an email...and?" she said looking into the distance. "...and said he would contact me when he works things out." "Oh Erica" Jess said. "That?s horrible". "I know" she said sniffing. "I told him not to bother. I said it wasn't that he slept with his room mate or he slept with a guy, it was that we were still together when we did it and he didn't respect our relationship enough to talk about it or break up first."She sniffed loudly as she ran her hand over her eyes smearing the makeup more."I loved him and I want him to be happy" she said looking at us in turn. "...but this was such a shock."Her whole body rocked and rolled as she caught her breath."I will be ok. I want to go out tonight to take my mind off it. I just couldn't avoid telling you guys" she said trying to put on a brave face. I sat there feeling horrible for Erica. She didn't deserve this."Come on" I said standing up and turning to her. "Lets get you cleaned up first."She looked up at me and then at my shirt, before bursting out into tears again."Oh Bec?" she cried. "I'm sorry?"I looked down and saw my white singlet covered in makeup and tears.I laughed."Come on?" I said pulling her up. "Don't worry about it, lets get cleaned up and we can go."She stood up and I looked at Rob and Jess."We'll be right back" I said to them.Rob smiled."We'll wait here" he replied.I ran off with Erica to my room and quickly changed my singlet into another one I had. Erica stood in my room looking around as I passed her some wipes for her face and she cleaned it up."Bec?" she asked me curiously looking at the mess. "Are you ok?"I looked at her and laughed."I will be?" I replied as she finished wiping her makeup off and cleaned up. "...its been a long couple of weeks."She nodded as if in agreement."I don't want to put more makeup" she announced throwing the wipes in the bin. "I can't be fucked."I smiled and gave her a hug."Come on then" I said to her. "Let?s go get drunk."She smiled at me. "I think I could get really messy tonight" Erica warned. We all will, I thought.I took her hand and in mine tightly as we went back to Rob and Jess waiting for us under the tree."Ok, we're ready" I said holding Erica's hand tightly giving it a squeeze. "Let's roll."Rob and Jess stood up smiling."You ok?" Jess said to Erica.Erica smiled."I will be fine, I just need a drink or ten" she replied.Then she squeezed my hand. I was sure of it. I felt her squeeze.My mind raced as I overthought the squeeze.Then I realised I may have just imagined it and started to calm down."We will look after you" Rob said. "You just stick with us and let us know when you want to go home."Erica looked up at Rob, her puffy eyes still full of tears."You sure you don't mind? I would just sit in my room and cry otherwise and I don't want to do that" she said with a sniff. "Mind? Don't be silly, of course we don't mind" he replied giving her a reassuring hug. "Come on, or the others might drink the place dry" he said.Erica cracked a smile and squeezed m hand again. I felt it for real this time."Come on?" she said to me giving me a hug again. "...lets go get drunk."I laughed as we walked out the gate still holding hands, following Rob and Jess. Along the way I talked to Erica about things and Jess came back and joined us trying to cheer her up as Rob fell behind.I think he felt a little weird with being a guy in the group and didn't want to make things awkward for Erica.She explained things were going fine and this just came out of the blue. She wasn't expecting it at all. It had happened in the morning and she had been at home all day pretty shattered about everything, but pulled herself together to go out to try to think about something else.When we got to the pub we went straight to the bar and ordered a couple of round of drinks and had them one after another, before Jess and I took Erica off to the dance floor while Rob went off to get another round of drinks bringing them out to us between songs.As it was we didn't last long on the dance floor before Erica started to tear up and Jess and I took her to a table up the back of the pub in the corner where she burst down in tears. Jess and I talked to her for ages as Rob dropped past from time to time feeding us more drinks before leaving us in peace and letting us try to reassure Erica.A couple of times some sleazy guys would come past and try a move, only to abruptly be told by Jess or I to simply fuck off. After a while the alcohol started to kick in and Erica started to calm down and started to vent about it all rather than just cry.It was about this point that Jess said she needed to go see how Rob was going and got up to leave Erica and I sitting across from each other, alone at the table.

August 23 2013


Room 256 [mf] [pole] [voy]

It's 11:50 pm on a Thursday evening and I'm antsy. I know I must wind down for the evening, however I am horrified of my very own bed. It's been 6 weeks given that my special lady left for the summertime and in just another week she will lastly return ... just one more week. My sex-related stress has developed to unhealthy levels, and the increasingly unclean dreams filling my head whatsoever hrs have made it hard to concentrate, difficult to rest ... hard in general.I determine to take a quick walk outside in the crisp night in air exactly what is definitely a feeble effort at leisure. I'm still brand-new to the area having simply relocated a few short every months back on my 24th birthday celebration to take a new tech job in the urban area. Therefore there are plenty of brand-new destinations within the community for me to explore. I stroll past among the neighborhood bars and stare in jealousy at the married couples inside laughing together, flirting playfully even though they both understand full well what they will be doing later.I proceed walking.Why does everything I see or hear need to remind me of the one thing I can not currently have ??I take a left, past a few apartment house, then a right, and suddenly I find myself in a place I have not yet seen or discovered. There's an upscale lodging on the street total with an elegant looking courtyard and a stylish restaurant. The side of the structure is nearly totally dark, yet on the far side of the structure there is one window giving off a soft radiance. I stroll down interested to see exactly what the inside of these plainly pricey rooms resemble ... Then I see you.My upright examination has actually led to a spectacular sight of you just as you stand up from the desk in your space. Your body is incredible, and my eyes cant support but roll over fully, every curve of your charm.I should go ... but I cannot. I have to see even more.You transform and bow out me towards the bed leaving me with a fresh look at you from a 2nd angle. Your hair is laying gently on one shoulder and your attractive black gown is firmly hugging your tantalizing butt. Slowly, mercifully, you reach up behind you with one hand to understand the zipper on top of your outfit.I actually have to leave. This isn't aidingYour zipper starts creeping down your spine and I'm entranced. As your outfit starts to slide of your physical body I am dealt with to the wonderful view of your best ass simply scarcely covered by the lacy black cheek-hugging underwears you are wearing.Unexpectedly I see the representation of a brilliant blue light from the desk near the window. You gracefully twirl around to get your phone ... Oh spunk, I'm just standing here ... in the openYou see me. How could you not? I'm the man that looks as though he has been iced up in time straight in the facility of the pathway. A potent mix of anxiety and humiliation rise via my body and I swiftly look away. I try to pretend I am looking all over the place; up at the celebrities, nearby, but I take the opportunity to take a glance back at your window.she is still starring at me! I need to go before the cops obtain right hereHowever I'm simply close sufficient to see your eyes, and they don't look upset. As a matter of fact, they look like mine do whenever I look in the mirror. You desire something, and I seem like that something might be me.Your hand glides up and rests on your neck, your head tips discreetly to the side and I could tell you are believing. Unlike you; nevertheless, I cannot believe, the view is practically too much. Your bra has your breasts raised and your bosom is hypnotizing. The light is dancing off your smooth soft skin making you appear to radiance like the most sexual firefly on the planet. Your head tidies definitively and you position dramatically adjustments. I can tell you have reached a decision. You flex over the desk and begin to compose something on a piece of paper.That arched back ... that assYou press the paper to the window and display in big vibrant personalities: 256 I feel my pants start to tighten much more compared to they already were. My heart races, and the gears in my mind start spinning faster than they have in a long period of time.I can't go. I should leave

Every Attractive Specific, Every Stupefying Element Of You Is Coaxing Me Closer And More Detailed To The Side.

I NEED to leaveI will not cheatThere should be a better optionGradually, comfortably I come to a realization. There is no chance I am going home and retiring now anyway. I need to cum tonight and if I am obtaining myself off thinking of this angel in the window I may as well obtain a much better sight while I do it.The trap to room 256 took less compared to 30 seconds. I'm not sure my feet even touched the floor in the lobby or on the stairs.You clearly are equally excited as me since the door flies open prior to I also have an opportunity to knock.We lock eyes quickly and my now well-proportioned cock continues to pulsate in my trousers."I rejoice you came in for a much better view" you slyly opinionI attempt to form a sensible sentence: "I. I repent, I didn't mean to be a-"."shhh" you disrupt "all I wish is a fair trade, you took a peek at me, I want to get a much better check out you in return".You pointer apart and guide me in to the area before sitting on the side of the bed."Well, take it off!" you playfully recommend.I'm still to stressed to speak, however begin by lifting my top off over my head. I see your eyes instantly start to devour my body. I'm in wonderful form, and I can see you value my toned abdominals, and seductive hip lines that seem to direct your looks down to my still covered package."Wow ... prevent going ..." is all you are able to claim.I reverse my belt a pants and drop them to the flooring leaving me standing in front of you pitching a camping tent worthy of the holiday problem of Cabella's Publication."Satisfy ... I. wish to see it" you plead.The power has actually changed enough in my support that I feel like negotiating: "well, it would not be reasonable if I was the only one to obtain nude ...".I scarcely finished the sentence prior to you unclasped your bra and moved it off your shoulders. Your tits are excellent, and doing a wonderful task of displaying just exactly how excited you go to the whole situation.Your hands steer up and each latch on to a handful of breast offering them a lustful press while you lock eyes with me and bite your lip."I shed an information ... your turn".I'm not in the mood to argue and carefully direct my boxers down over my saluting 7.5 inch participant.We both continue to be locked in destination, unable to choose exactly what to do next.Finally I make a move. I have constantly covertly wished to let my exhibitionist side loose and place a show for a female. That impulse; integrated with the reality that I understood I could possibly not give in to my wishes and passionately take this lovely ladies, led me to gradually wrap my hand around my shaft.You let out exactly what I could just describe as a cross between a gasp and a moan as I begin to slowly stroke my cock. My eyes are feverishly tearing through your body. Every attractive specific, every stupefying element of you is coaxing me closer and more detailed to the side."Screw ..." well a minimum of you had the ability to create a whole word this time.Plainly my display has actually pushed you to a brand-new level too since you hurriedly drive you underwears apart and begin to gingerly move your fingers up and down your glisteningly damp slit.We remain similar to this, both drinking the various other one in, gradually fucking our own selves into brand-new realms of paradise wherefore appeared an hour. The head of my cock started to loose its resolve and gave way to a slow drip of pre-cum that appeared to increase stronger with each long pump of my clenched fist.Finally you cannot take it anymore. I hear your breath start to speed up an your eyes transform from an aggressive positive stare to a look of pleading, almost desperation. It's as if you are asking for this orgasm to chop you free of cost and release the difficult strain inside your body.Your hips rock progressively backward and forward as you start to cum. I slow my speed to make certain I last long enough to take in the entire glory of exactly what is happening. Soft whimpers slowly develop into border-line sobs as your orgasm strikes its amazing stride. Your free hand searches your body, pressing, squeezing, stroking everything it finds. Your head tosses itself in reverse and the grand ending sees the location just mentioned above your busts change colors as you seem to forget to take a breath during the height of your delight.Out of breath you glimpse up at me and the view of your partially nude body fresh off a powerful climax naked ladies is way too much for me to take. My movements expand quicker, my muscles flex and I teeter on the brink."I wish your cum" you moan as you drop yourself down in front of me and offer your perfect breasts.I shake heavily as my climax hits. Wave after wave of powerful convulsions deliver my tons launching out onto your tits. The look on your face is just one of pure happiness. It's as if I've given you an invaluable gift, when actually, you have actually provided one to me. My legs are weak and I am compelled to rest my practical your shoulder to regain my composure."That was fabulous" I wheeze as we both stand up and I begin to seek my fabrics."I understand" you reply "I truly needed that".At this factor I realize I have actually left you a complete mess with the remainders of my climax still polishing your phenomenal chest."Oh, sorry regarding that" I describe "permit me get you a washcloth"."No necessity" you retort "I have it covered".You then casually unclothe your underwears and utilize the crotch to clean up every last drop before nonchalantly climbing back in to them.We briefly engage in a round of table talk as I collect my clothes and concur that while what come about was funny, it ought to truly end there. You stroll me to the door of the area and release me back in to the globe ensuring to leave the door open simply long enough for me to sneak one last review the magnificent topless woman still marinading in my orgasm.did that actually just take place.

August 21 2013


Dick Wrencher-- Private detective The Puzzle of heaven Diamond

Using my binoculars, left over from my stint in North Africa (that?s another story), I could see a late model sedan pull up to the wharf on the other side of the East River; an Olds, Yeah, a ?53. It?s foggy, and I?m a little distracted by what Miranda is doin? in my pants, but I still got an eye for business. Two goons get outta the back seat. In the darkness it looks a scene from a Boris Karloff movie. Sure enough, the trunk pops open, and they reach in and pull out a sack. With a toss it disappears into the river.Business must be good in Brooklyn, and that?s always good for me. I feel another missing person?s case cummin? my way. These are the easiest. If these guys did their job right, I?ll be spending more time at the track, because there?s nothin? to do with a case like that. I can string out the case for a long time if it doesn?t wash up on Governor?s Island. The mob contributes to the population of the Mystic, and I make my contribution to my bookie. It?s the simple rules of life. Those guys in the fancy suits, two blocks behind me there on Wall Street, would make a lot more money and do less jumpin? windows, if they would learn the basic facts of economy from me.In the meantime Miranda here is doin? some fancy jumpin? of her own. I think she learned it at La Rosa Negra on the upper story. You don?t even hear about the upper story unless you?re connected with Felipe Burro. He runs all the garbage collection in Spanish Harlem. Big Business ? I think more moves through the garbage in this town than gets checked in at the morgue. If you understand money and you understand the difference between bein? stiff, and bein? a stiff, you do great in this town.But talkin? about bein? stiff, I usually don?t bring broads along when I work, but Miranda?s cousin, Miguel, owns the club downstairs, it?s the only way I can get to this great view on the rooftop. But right now the best view is south of the border right here. I don?t even know how she manages to do this stuff. She doesn?t only provide the hottest action on the rooftop, she?s also my best source for the hottest action on the west side."Miranda, querida mia, aren't you getting' tired?" I looked at my watch.?Yourrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Chica Mala never gets tired of theees deeeck, Deeeck Wrrrrrrrrrrrrrencherrrrrrrrr!? she said.She had a way of rollin? her R?s on the tip of her tongue that made you want to retire and move to San Juan. This Seniorita was a serious distraction to getting? work done. At least she was able to get me up to the roof, and the way she was rollin these Rrrrrrss was keepin' my dick up too. So I told myself I would just have to put up with for a little while longer...Three days later while my boy was mindin? the office, I was engaged in a serious poker game at the back of Redman?s Reading Room. This place was just a cover for a black market tobacco operation. Now Redman here, some call him ?Mick?, some call him ?Millie? (nobody knows his real name for sure) is just posin? as a Book Merchant, while his crony Francois Lee Poet is mindin? the operation in the back. ?M? and Frankie spend the night moving cartons around, and durin? the day they?re writin? gritty stories and sleazy poetry just to keep the vice Squad off their back. I think that half the folks who come through here can?t even read.Eh Voila! ?Cherchez la femme?. Of course there?s a dame. There?s always a dame. Don?t think the Vice Squad is cummin? to Redman?s Reading Room just to read poetry. They got this French babe readin? it to them. This sweet thing with lips like cherries, is sittin? on a stool up on a platform givin? them a view, while she is pumpin out these lines, and all of a sudden these guys are interested in culture. She reads to them in French sometimes. Mick tells me that her favorite is to read the directions that came along with her hair dryer. She likes the part where it tells you if things ain?t heatin? up, you should check and make sure everything is plugged in right. What do they know, this babe is so hot, she wouldn?t have to talk at all. The hookers do more business on this street than they do where the Vice Squad never went.Here?s where I come to make my contacts with the boys in Blue from the Brooklyn South Precinct. I?m sure that half of them also can?t read. Fortunately they can?t shoot straight either. Not that anyone of them would ever try to shoot someone, but it keeps them from getting assigned to Flatbush, where they might actually be expected to do something.So I?m lookin? at my hand and I'm holdin? a Queen High Flush ? Hearts. I?m starin? at this Queen of Hearts and tryin? not to squirm. ?What a beautiful lady you are? I?m thinkin?. Naturally I run the pot way up there. And what happens? Jimmy Longfingers (who got his name since he?s the Desk Sergeant at the south end), starts tellin? me about this classy dame who filed a missing person? report today, and so he says, he?s not sure where he put the piece of paper with the details. He says it might be in one of his pockets and if he needed to make room in one of those pockets for some green, he might be able to find it. So I kiss my Queen of Hearts goodbye and fold. These cops got a real feel for when there?s money to be made.So I walk outta there about fifty bucks short, but Jimmy told me this dame looked like that queen of hearts I just kissed goodbye, and that he thinks Fort Knox financed her wardrobe One thing about Jimmy is he always comes through. So I go right to a payphone and call this dame. She didn?t sound too upset, so I?m startin? to think that maybe I don?t have a case after all. But then, she says she?s interested, and wants to see me this afternoon. She gives me an address up on 62nd Street right off of Fifth Ave. I usually don?t let myself be seen in that part of town. It?s bad for my reputation. But I tell her I?ll be there at three.It took me longer to get cleared at the front desk of this townhouse and get up to her flat on the 42 floor than it did to get up to this place from the Lower East Side. A tall lanky guy answers the door in a black suit. He says nuthin?. Then I realize that it?s not because he ain?t polite. He got this job because he can?t talk. It just makes sense. I like doin? business with people like this. They got a good feel for practicalities.So he leads me down this hallway that looks like a museum and points to where I should sit. I was glad he did, because I was afraid of getting off on the wrong foot by sittin? on somethin? that was just for lookin? at.Then in struts this dame. I barely look at her and my dick is already startin? to move. What she?s wearin? I couldn?t really tell. The way it was shiftin? around, I couldn?t tell for sure if it was even gonna stay on her. Ruby red veils just spun all around her. My head started spinnin?. She was a queen all right.?Mr. Wrencher,? she starts.I interrupted and said, ?Just call me Dick.??Good,? she said, ?I like Dick.?I could see we were going to get along fine.?I need a Dick like you,? she said. ?My husband is missing. And it won?t be easy to replace him.??I don?t come cheap,? I told her. She may be a knockout, but I do have some standards.?If you can give me what I need, and I suspect that you?re just the Dick for the job, money is no obstacle.?I started to wonder if we were havin? the same conversation. She spoke perfect English, but she had the trace of an accent, I?m not sure where she was from but I?m sure she had got some exotic history. I don?t know much about history or geography, but somethin was telling me that we?d be doin? a little explorin? to get this sorted out. I figured I better cut through the schmoozin? and get down to it.?What exactly do you have on your mind?? I asked. She takes a deep breath and things start movin? under this half of a dress she?s wearing. I?m startin? to wonder what she does her thinkin? with.?I?m pretty sure my husband?s dead,? she says. ?But I can?t afford to have anybody find out about it. It could mean trouble for me. And the police aren?t giving me the support I need??She?s started movin? like somethin? that would scare a normal guy. She looked over her shoulder when she got to the bar and said, ?You look like a scotch man. Would my Dick work better for me if he had a little Johnny??This dame had a way with words. Seein? how things were goin?, I didn?t want to waste my tongue on unnecessary chatter. So I just nodded.?Cat got your tongue?? she said.?Not quite yet,? I told her straight out.Somehow she managed to smile using her hips, and not her face. She strolled over and sat down next to me on this piece of furniture that looked like it was designed by Cleopatra.?I need to know that I can lean on you.?I just love this business. Once you get the feel for it, it just keeps on givin?.?Can I take your hat?? she said. ?It?ll make me feel better if I thought you were going to stay for a bit.?Thank god I gotta watch. I gave it a look; then looked back at her, as if this was somethin? I would have to think over. This was going to be a case I?ll be talkin? about to my grandkids.?Sure,? I said ?If it makes you feel better, then I suppose, I?ll be feelin? better too. Why don?t you give me a better feel for what you want me to do, so we can get down to business.?Everything this dame did just dripped wet. Nobody ever took off my hat like that. With both hands on either side she reached toward me; never lookin? at the hat, only at my eyes. And she never stopped comin? forward either. It was my favorite hat, but I was thinkin? about other things now (like my scotch was still in the glass sittin? on the end table and not in me).I had to draw on all my experience to shift my right hand to my glass, while I?m usin? my left to get her outta this outfit she?s got on. Harry Houdini woulda been proud of me. (My dad had that case too, I?ll tell you that story sometime also). I knew for sure this dame was special. I never met a broad with enough money to afford the best lingerie in New York or Paris, but didn?t bother to put any on. ?Rotten world,? I think to myself. ?Her man was tough enough that this dame didn?t kill him, but the mob does. Even they couldn?t have found that easy.?She was hot alright but somehow I still got a little chill. This dame was sleek and I knew that there was a lot more to her story. But that?s why I was here. So we settled the ?gettin? to know you closer? portion of the business and got down to just exactly what else she wanted me to do.She explains to me that she?s got lovers in Paris, Lisbon, Roma, and Cairo. I?ll never figure dames like this out. I can?t imagine how much trouble you gotta go through to even get to these places. And just of few hours away, you got Pittsburgh, Toledo, Rochester and Schenectady. Even Poughkeepsie?s got a great view of the Hudson. At any rate, this lover has got more affaires than you can shake a stick at, and she kept her husband around just to keep from getting? deported. She?s got business investments all over the globe. She shows me her portfolio. Lush Ladies is the name of her enterprise. Now I see how she can afford this place. What a lineup! I could mention a few Lush names, but I agreed to a confidentiality thing. All of a sudden I wanted to go to far away exotic places like Australia, Kenya and Tennessee. But if I ever go visitin?, I know where to go for good company.Anyway, I asked her, ?What do ya want from me?? (Dames always want somethin?.) So she tells me that if her husband turns up dead, it might lead to an investigation that could turn ugly. All I have to do, is to keep an open Missing Person Case active, which means - every week stoppin? by her place to pick up a check (and give her a little consolation), and make sure nobody gets a toe tag with his name on it. This dame was so smart she?s scary. But how do you turn down a deal like that.I asked her how her butler got so quiet. She said that he learned the hard way when and how to use his tongue from a Scorpion down Mexico way. The poor slob was probably too young to know that all dames ain?t created equal.That was a lesson I learned a long time ago, when someone went missin? from my life. Before World War 2 broke out things got pretty ugly in the city. But I was in love with a dame so bad that I couldn?t see straight. I was still wet behind the ears, but not so much so that I didn?t manage to keep her plenty wet herself. Then one day Maggie just disappeared. I never had a clue or an explanation. The war kicked in, and so did I. I did my job at the front. After it was over, during my public relations tour, I was at the front, the back and everywhere else you could imagine. I learned French first. That was where I was stationed. But then I found out from a few Dutch girls that they didn?t even invent it. And I learned a bunch of other things as well. But non of them compared to Maggie. When I got back home. I got my license to be a professional Dick. I already had the reputation, so I figured I might as well make it official. The years went by, and one day I get a delivery.I was on my way in to the office, but before I headed upstairs, I check in at the bar to pick up my mail. ?Three Hands? Dixie was there. She always had an eye out for me. I started callin? her ?Three Hands? because she?s got one hand pourin? the drinks, one hand pullin? the tips, and one hand slappin? the clowns stupid enough to get too close to her.?Not too many people send you bottles,? she says, ?Stay outta trouble Dickey.??Good advice,? I thought to myself, as I head up the stairs. I opened up the package. ?Glenlivet! Okay, somebody with class,? I said to myself.The bottle has a cobalt blue ribbon on it and an envelope with a note. It was only half a note. Part was tor. Off. So I went back down to Dixie.?Was there anything else?? I asked.?Oh, Yeah,? she said, ?That?s right. There?s something for you to pick up at the Western Union.?And she handed me a claim ticket.?I?ll have to check this out.? I told her. ?This ain?t the regular.??Stay outta trouble Dickey.?So I headed to the Western Union Office and there. Waitin? for me, was five hundred dollars, a first class ticket, and an address in Niagara Falls. I wasn?t worth that much dead to anybody, so I figured this had to be for real.When I got back to the office I didn?t even get my coat off before Dixie came runnin? up the stairs and started pumpin? me with questions, like she?s got a machine gun.?I can?t tell you a whole lot right now,? I said, ?I?ll be outta town for a few days. I?m gonna be doin? a little sightseein?.??Stay outta trouble Dickey.?She never told me that three times in the same day.The next evening, as I walked in the door to the Cats Lounge in Niagara Falls, some broad is just finishing up her act. Not a bad lookin? dame; in fact, a doll, a real charmer. There were two names written on the chalk board at the entrance. Since she was covered with whipped cream, I figured with my sharp detective reasoning that this one was ?Sweet Shoppe?. This doll looked sweet alright. After an hour or two with this one, judgin? by the amount of cream on her puss, I was sure that you?d wake up the next morning with your eyes glued shut. Her ass was round, smooth and coated with syrup just like a candy apple. This one was a looker, all right. But they tend to look that way when they?re looking at you with four eyes. They were all brown, the two on her head were a little closer together, than the two on her chest.?You must be Mr. Wrestler.?I turned around and quickly sized up the broad who?s doin? the talkin?. Not knowin? if this was a proposition, I didn?t want to tell her she got my name wrong. Wrestling might be just what I was up for. But lookin her over, this wasn?t the situation now, and lookin? this dame over took some time. There aren?t to many dames as tall as me, and she had more contours than the new Pontiac.So I said ?Yeah, that?s me.?The dame smiled and looked me over like she?s never seen somebody from outta town before. She just turned and started walkin' away. By the twitch in her neck, she either needed another shot or wanted me to follow her. The bumper on the back of this dame doesn?t come that big even with the Grand Pontiac. So I just shift into drive and follow. She parked me at a table off to the side, and on it is a bottle of Glenlivet with the same blue ribbon stuck on it.While I opened up the bottle and poured three fingers for myself, the broad just disappeared. So, I sat and waited at my table, and I looked around this joint. All of a sudden, everything went blue. I don?t have the gift for gab to tell you what strolled out onto the stage. She just stood there with a white spot light on her, like the Statue of Liberty. It was so quiet, I had to turn around and look to see if I was the only guy still there. Nobody in the joint was even movin?.Long brown hair ran down over her white shoulders and down her back. She had a single blue rose over her left ear. I thought, ?I gotta get to Canada more often?. The music cranked up, and she started movin? across the stage twirlin what little she has on. I mean, everything was twirlin?. She stopped dead in her tracks, shot her legs out to the side, and those sassy round boobs start bouncin? to the beat of the drums. My head started poundin?.No stripper I ever saw before did Blue. It was always red and all the hot colors, but this babe was ice. I got shivers from this fine Malt that was slidin? down my throat, but as smooth as it was, this babe was doin? more to me.?Get a grip, Dick? I started to tell myself. ?This is how you get whacked.?I looked around again. Everybody, even all the broads, had their eyes glued to this dame. I saw mouths open so wide, I felt like I was at the entrance to the Holland tunnel. Even that Pontiac that just left me could just walk on down. I turned around, looked back at the stage and this dame is starin? straight at me. I just looked back at her.My eyes said everything, ?Your Dick is here, now.?But my dick was telling me, that I was in over my head. What a show this babe rolled out. I stared at my half empty bottle of Glenlivet. One more of these shots and they?re gonna be rollin? me out.Ten minutes later, the Pontiac came back. She showed me to a room off to the side. They got more room up here in Niagara Falls and the size of this place showed it. Normally I don?t notice things like that but I was just measurin? about how far I gotta run to jump the window. These types of stories don?t even happen to me.The door opened slow. My heart was doin? a drum roll. And in came the blue babe and she was working my head over from the inside out. More than once I crossed paths with the boys from Brooklyn and had my head pounded, but this was worse. What?s a dame like this want with me?I could tell by the way she slowly sat down and eyed me up, that this was not the regular type case. She started to flash her eyes all around and put her finger to her lips. I knew this one wasn?t gonna be easy.She slips me a piece of paper as she said ?Mr. Wrestler,? she intentionally said my name wrong, that?s twice tonight. ?My mother lives in L.A. and I haven?t heard from her in a couple of weeks. Can you go out there and find out what?s going on??She started to slowly swish her eyes back and forth, telling me how I should answer.?I?m sorry, Ma?am,? I said. ?I don?t work the West Coast. But I know somebody out there, and if you want I can have him contact you.??Let me think about it,? she said. She signaled to put the slip of paper in my pocket as she continued. ?I?m sorry you can?t help me, I?ll have to contact you, about that.?With that, she gets up and goes right for the door. Sure enough, there was somebody right on the other side. She just walks past him and gives him a look that will probably give him a headache for the next week. So he turns around and walks away. Through the crack in the door, down at the end of hall I saw the Pontiac standin? there massagin? the ass of that sweet candy apple with her hand. That didn?t surprise me. I was havin? the same thoughts myself earlier. But I had enough for one day and that looked like a ride that wouldn?t be over until noon. So I passed, collected my bottle of Malt and headed back for my Hotel Room.I took a slow walk around the block to make sure I wasn?t bein? followed, but I was. So I dropped into a bar on the way. After a beer, I got up like I was goin? to the bathroom, slipped out the back door into the ally, and headed to my room.When I stopped at the desk to pick up my key I noticed that my name in the register had been carefully corrected to read: Wrestler. This blue dame had connections. Once back in my room I checked under the bed and all around. I was traveling light and didn?t notice any thing funny. I took out the slip of paper she just game me. It was torn and part was missing. I compared the torn edge to the note I got with the Glenlivet back at my office in the city. They matched, and now it made sense. I turned on the water in the bathroom to make a little noise, left a few lights on, hung the ?Do Not Disturb? sign on my door and slipped out the back.Two blocks later, a car starts followin? me, so I duck in an alley and watch. The car stops and the back door opens. The glow through the window of the Dry Cleaner on the corner was enough to light up the best lookin? legs I?ve seen in a long time. I didn?t make her wait. So, I hopped in the car and we went for a slow drive in the country. I knew by the legs that it was the Blue Rose, but everything else about her was different.?It doesn?t surprise me that you don?t recognize me Dick,? she said, ?but you knew me ten years ago when I was just a kid. Maggie was my older sister.?I got skin so thick that when I die they?ll use it out in the Borough for road repair, but those words went right through me. I couldn?t talk. The place she hit was the place I been coverin? over since the last time I saw Maggie. I forgot how to talk from that spot.She told me that Maggie loved me more than anything but that she was convinced that she was no good for me, and ?when she got pregnant she had to get away to protect you.?I realized I haven?t had one single feelin? that added up to anything since that time. But there was no fixin? that now.Then she tells me that Maggie ended up here while she was tryin? to get away from a loan shark she had borrowed some money from, and she wanted to keep me out of it. She didn?t spend the money, she was savin? it to make sure the kid had a good start, cause she wasn?t sure where things were gonna go.It went okay for about two years. She had your son, and she worked in a bakery in town here. But one day Gino the loan shark showed up. Then things got bad, real quick. She left Derek with me to take care of and just disappeared.She said that she never heard another word. Then three weeks ago a letter showed up from the dead letter office. It was from Maggie; post marked seven years ago in New York City. In it Maggie described a place where she was bein? held. But she didn?t know the address. She said she was real sick, but Gino didn?t know. She had been sick for some time, but didn?t tell anybody. When she saw Gino show up back at the Falls, she took all the money she had saved and bought a blue diamond. She hid where Gino wouldn?t find it, along with enough evidence to put Gino away for life. She knew she wouldn?t be alive to see the day, but that ?Dick would get it done?.?Dick,? she said to me, ?I?ll tell you how to find your son. He?s heard all about you, and he?s dyin? to see his dad. And it may be a lot for you to handle all at once, but I got my own problems now, and I think he?s gonna be better off with you. Here?s the letter from Maggie, and another $200.00 for your time. Everything I know now is in that letter. When we say goodbye,? she said, ?that will be forever. You?re in danger here, so be careful. You don?t have to worry about me, I know how to take care of myself. But keep a watch out and don?t come back. You won?t find me. I got my own plan.?She even looked like Maggie, I felt like this was the goodbye I never got from her. All this made me surer than I ever was that I would never understand dames. But I was hopin? Dixie would be able to grow a fourth hand to help me to bring up a kid the right way.Back in New York, there was a little adjustment period, but I got through it little by little. Dixie says that Derek is already smarter than me, and fortunately he got his looks from his momma. I never won an argument with Dixie. But now I had to crack the mystery of this Blue Diamond. I did some checkin? around, in my usual way.After about forty minutes of sortin? through papers on the floor of the file room in the archive of the Daily Snooze tabloid, Trinky finally said she couldn?t take anymore and agreed to get started. The fact that her father was the chief editor didn?t keep her out in the suburbs, where her mom was regularly doin the Milk delivery guy; no, not this spitfire. Her nickname was very deceiving. She wasn?t just some ordinary trinket. More than once I had to convince her that she could help me more here at the paper, than if she would be working dick ?n hand with me on cases. I?d never get anything done. It took nearly an hour just now to get her to even listen to me, and we?d be goin? another round before I got outta here for sure. She was a lotta work, but this gal had a nose that got her into places like nobody I ever met. She had a few other outstanding features as well. It took her no time to get the information I needed. It turned out that the Sports Editor had a run in with Gino about ten years ago and he knew where I should go to look for more clues. Thanking her was always one of the better parts of the day. I swear we spent more time moppin? up the floor of the newsroom with each other than the janitor spent moppin? the whole building.Nothin? spells trouble more than a warehouse off Eighth Avenue. There was a watchman, but he spent more time watchin? the back of his eyelids than anything else. The cheap tonic he was drinkin? probably left him half blind as it was. The real trouble would be inside. I wasn?t three steps inside when I heard I was bein followed. I reached for my 38 and spun around and there?s Trinky.?This ain?t no place for a dame, Trinky!? I couldn?t yell. Not because I didn?t want to, but she had her hand so tight on my balls, that I couldn?t take a deep breath.?Look,? she said, ?I got you in here. Now you gotta let me help.??You could start by lettin? go of my nuts,? I said. Dames like this are impossible. How is she gonna help me? ?Okay.? I said, ?but stay behind me, and don?t do nothin? stupid.?We found our way up to the office area in the back. And there was the place, just the way Maggie described it in the letter. I knew there was gonna? be at least two goons inside. Maybe more. This was going to take some serious planning. I might need a backup or even two or three.Ten years ago, while Gino tried to figure out what to do with her, they kept Maggie in a closet in the back. These guys were ruthless. That was where she hid the Blue Diamond and the evidence behind the wall. Now there might be a half dozen goons armed like the Third Army in between the Blue Diamond and me, with only my snub-nose thirty eight.

Then Three Weeks Ago A Letter Showed Up From The Dead Letter Office.

Trinky must of known what I was thinkin? but I never woulda come up with what she was thinkin?. Faster than I could take a deep breath, she just stripped naked and went up and knocked on the door.?Who?s there?? was the tough guy?s answer.?A present for Gino from Lefty the jeweler,? she said.Her voice was so hot , the paint started to peel off the door. The door opened just a crack and she made sure the light pourin? through it, fell on hers. She was bent over waving? her ass around, even I had a hard time keepin? my concentration.?I hope you got a stiffer barrel than that,? she said. ?That one seems a little short to me.?I knew then that, this thug also had a snub-nose. That Trinky was a sharp one!?Aren?t you gonna invite me in? A big boy like you must surely have something to keep a little girl like me happy.?She just kept smilin? at this guy from every place she had. The way she slowly wiggled her ass while she was bent over there, had this slob droolin?.Trinky just strolled on in. This goon didn?t have a chance. Three seconds later I hear him grunt and it wasn?t from anything sweet she was doin? to him.She comes back to the door, and whispers, ?Hurry up, he?s the only one, and bring my clothes.?So while she?s tyin? this guy up and gaggin? him. I look in the back closet behind the water heater and there it was, the Blue Diamond, and an envelope stuffed with papers. Trinky was startin? to make a whip from the loose rope left over after she tied this guy to the radiator.?No time for that now, sweetheart,? I said, as I grabbed her by the hand to pull her outta there.?That?s your problem, Dick? she said, ?You?re all work and no play.?So we leave this guy, tied nude to the radiator. And Trinky wrote on his back: ?Maggie?s cummin? for you next, Gino.?I had a whole new appreciation for Trinky?s abilities. They way she used her lipstick to paint those letters was pure art. If I thought Maggie woulda approved I woulda drug him up to the Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue, and put him on display.Trinky did real good tonight. Somehow I would have to repay her. It was gonna be a busy week.So I found a buyer for the diamond, and called an old friend. One night I pulled this poor bastard outta a dumpster in the bowery. Turns out he was a banker who was supposed to be picked up and deposited, if you know what I mean. Ever since then, if I needed any investment advice I new where to go. So we set up a trust for the kid. The evidence on Gino I passed along to my buddy Jimmy Longfingers. Old Gino?s still tryin to make friends with all his old enemies upstate. He ain?t walkin? too good lately I hear.But that was ten years ago, and now my boy Derek is doin? good followin? in his old man?s footsteps. On the way up to the office, I checked in with ?Five Hands.? Yeah she grew another one; this one she uses to keep her guy Gavven in line. She did good helpin? me keep Derek on the right track and now she does the same with Gavven. Gavven thinks he?s runnin things, but remember why I call her five hands. Ole Gavven ain?t got a chance. Dixie?s got everything in hand, and so I head up to the office.?Something came up tonight, Pop, while you were out,? Derek says, straight out.He?s all business this kid.?You know Lobo, the hooker on 7th, the one that parties at Rocco?s sometimes???The tall redhead, with the ass bigger than Broadway???Yeah, That?s the one. Well, she tells me she?s got a kid, who?s turned sixteen and she?s really getting to be a problem. Bringing a kid up on the streets can?t be doing her much good. Anyway, she said that you fixed up that choosie Madam last year, who had a similar problem.??Yeah that kid was named Jessica Xavier. With a handle like that, I was able to get a little convent up on Storylush Lane to take her in. Sometime I want to hear how that worked out. I can?t imagine her as a nun. I can always tell when a gal is going to turn out good, but bad, you know what I mean???Yeah, Pop. Anyway, this kid?s name is Calmilla or something. She?s as smart as a whip and she?s totally wild. She was getting a little uppity down in the East Village and they arrested her. Boy was that a mistake. She knows more about the law than the whole DA?s office. By the time she was done with them, they gave her an award from the mayor?s office. Do you think you can help? Actually at this point, it may be the mayor who needs help.??Well you can tell Lobo that I?ll give it my best shot. You?ve got to help the good-bad people, you know.Stay tuned for Chapter 3 ??where Trinky and Dick head out to the West Coast, when Pussy Ivy and her pimp Reddy Fyre get into the type of sticky situation that only our stout Dick can remedy. And of course, we know now that, with Trinky along to help our Dick rise to the occasion, the action will be explosive. And they may even have support from Calmilla Let?s look where this is going. Sssshhh -?So it?s a dreary Monday morning and Derek answers the phone in the office. It?s some panicky dame, callin? long distance from Las Vegas. She?s hysterical. This doesn?t throw Derek at all. He?s been trained by his Pop, the most notorious dick in NYC, Dick Wrencher.?Dames are always hysterical,? Dick would tell him. ?Just find out if she?s got money??

August 19 2013


[20f] my guy [20m] wants to be wed by the time we begin grad college, but I'm not ready to even think of it.

I Have A A Lot More Doubtful Sight Of Marriage And The Globe.

My guy and I have only been dating about 5 months, yet he already talks about marriage a great deal. His parents married right out of university and he appears to desire the same for his life. I originate pussy naked pic from a really various background. My mother has actually been divorced two times and she was very first wed while she was in college. I have a a lot more doubtful sight of marriage and the globe. Part of the reason he is so stubborn that we get married is that we have been making love and investing a bunch of time with each other. Due to the fact that he comes from a strong religious history, he feels that we have a responsibility to get wed. I am perfectly pleased with the idea of marrying him in the future, however only when I feel emotionally ready. I do not want to marry him before graduate school and follow your man there and give my very own long for proceeding my education. If we don't get involved in the very same college, he generally informed me we're going where he wants and I'll just need to discover a task or something. This attitude relating to both marital relationship and grad school makes me seem like I do not have a say in anything we do. Should I try to continue our connection and see where it goes, or should I end it now before we get any more spent?TL; DR Boyfriend desires me to follow your man to the end of the earth, I'm not sure I really feel ready.

July 29 2013


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July 17 2013


welcome to my web journey

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